How Conforming Piston Rings Help In Diesel Engines

The forces involved in compression ignition of diesel fuel in a heavy-duty engine are very considerable and these gases attempt to migrate passed the pistons rings sending part-burnt fuel into the crankcase and sump.

Diesel Engine Piston Rings

In addition to this headache – which can be greatly reduced with gapless rings in the 2nd grove – there is the issue of cylinder wall wear, roughness, and slight ovality over time, placing unequal loads on the ring package.

We have just received the first Opti Combustion conforming ductile iron top grove pistons rings at size 102mm for Cummins 4BT or 6BT engines which have precise radial groves in the inside to give flexibility for the rings!

These rings are high energy polished for an exceptionally micro-smooth surface that offers a better ring groove-to-ring seal reducing blowby and acting as limited gas porting by forcing the ring out against the cylinders.

Made to the highest standards in the USA alongside piston rings for Porsche 911s, Nascar car engine, and high-performance diesel racing, these conform rings promise to harness good old mechanical physics to optimise heavy-duty diesel engine performance.

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