Vehicle Efficiency Upgrades

Real vehicle efficiency upgrades can be achieved from tuning or exhaust improvements but many in recent years have focused on aftertreatment to reduce emissions.

How To Reduce Emissions On A Diesel Truck

With our Opti Combustion pistons, you boost power, torque, fuel economy and greatly cut emissions and air pollution by solving the inefficiency with which diesel, petrol, and natural gas engines work.

Better combustion increases power, reduces engine operating temperature, reduces part burnt fuel (HC) and also cuts NOx and triggers the turbocharger lower down the rev range.

Typical vehicle efficiency upgrades resulting from this technology include:

  • Greatly cut emissions of pollutants like PM, NOx, and HC, potentially even without DEF fluid (AdBlue) for the SCR catalyst.
  • Around 15 to 20% better fuel economy in diesel engines.
  • Smoother power and extra torque with earlier turbo engagement.
  • Doubles the life of engine oil due to a cut in blowby of carbon into the sump/crankcase.

Opti can allow what can be termed upcycling.

Do you have an older fleet of trucks, cranes, excavators, or locomotives? Applying this rebuild can jerk older but perfectly serviceable vehicles into excellent performers that are in advance of Euro 6 performance with great productivity boosts and sustainable operation.

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Vehicle Efficiency Upgrades