Modifications To Increase MPG

Any modifications to increase mpg on truck fleets must be worth consideration but does this have to be a sophisticated tuning matter or more technical exhaust aftertreatment developments that can be problematic?

No, not at all with our Opti upgrades that solve the lack of fuel economy at source, in the combustion process.

Modifications To Increase MPG

Haulage companies or plant operators looking to increase diesel mpg can now have a serious upcycling and sustainable solution for older high-hours or milage engines by undergoing the Opti combustion rebuild of trucks, generators, boats, or locomotive engines that utilises F1 racing engine gapless ring technology.

Modifications To Increase MPG

Using a ceramic coating applied to piston crowns, gapless piston rings with lower friction, creates less blowby and better burning to extract more torque and horsepower from the same amount of fuel for cleaner and more efficient combustion.

The results of these modifications to increase mpg are as follows:

  • Better fuel economy to the tune of 15-20% as power is kept above the piston crown where it does the best.
  • Double the life of lubricating oil; used engine oil from a diesel engine is usually black, this is soot from fuel burn blowby with normal piston rings.
  • Higher horsepower and torque at lower revs-per-minute with the turbocharger starting up earlier in the rev band.
  • Substantially lower PM, HC, and NOx emissions resulting in less AdBlue usage, less carbon into the EGR system and less DPF regenerations needed.
  • Quieter and smoother running with a new sustainable life for an old engine.
  • Around 80 degrees C lower exhaust temperatures, ideal for military applications with lower smoke and exhaust opacity.

With Opti Combustion, we take this increase diesel mpg program to a whole new level with commercial diesel engines unleashing a revolution in power and emissions reduction. You can use conventional diesel fuel or HVO renewable diesel fuel.

Modifications To Increase MPG

A key consideration is that these modifications to increase mpg are mechanical and not sophisticated electronic and after treatment changes that are liable to break down.

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