Upcycling Older Diesel Engines

With the headlong rush into EV and battery technology it can be overlooked that mechanical upgrades and rebuilds to diesel or natural gas power plants that take advantage of racing, aerospace and lubricant technology is both sustainable and cost effective.

Cummins Marine Engine

Prime movers have become fantastically complicated with 7 fuel injections per second, extraordinary 4 stage aftertreatment that wastes fuel on burning off the DPF unit and ever tighter emissions regulations along with worse and worse quality fuels (except for synthetic diesel).

Along with this the increasing software and sophistication inherent in what are still imperfectly efficient machines that waste masses of energy is crying out for improvement.

We think it is time to hark back to the piston engine fighters of World War 2 and combine this with ground-breaking fluid dynamic work, fine surface lapping and polishing of piston rings the specifically have flexibility to fit wonky and worn bores and revolutionise and upcycle older diesel engines.

To quote the HSE, all diesel emissions problems are dues to incomplete combustion which yields particulate matter and NOx causing air pollution on a dramatic scale.

Opti Combustion Piston

Aftertreatment, catalysts, and DEF treatment of this is complex, very expensive, harms fuel economy, and is hugely costly to fix when it goes wrong – much better to rebuild engines with the fix right there in the combustion chamber!

Better fuel economy, massive emissions cut, cooler running and doubling the life of the lubricating oil along with substantially less smoke and soot are the end results of the Opti Combustion process.

MTU V16 Marine Engine

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