The Team At Opti

Following research into hydrotreated vegetable oil sold by our sister company LubiQ Fuels, we delved into the fascinating world of combustion in natural gas and petrol spark-ignited and commercial diesel engines.

Ben HardwickOpti Pistons

Ben Hardwick has a keen interest in how to improve fuel efficiency and cut harmful emissions using piston innovations that are common in racing cars for exciting new levels of performance in:

  • Trucks
  • Tanks, APCs, and military supply vehicles.
  • Locomotives and DMUs
  • Generators
  • Plant and Cranes

Using hard-earned expertise in renewable diesel fuels and piston design breakthroughs, we can bring new levels of efficiency to CHP gas engines, diesel prime movers in tugs, lorries, and plant.

  • Extend lubrication oil life to double normal working hours.
  • Use less or no AdBlue due to low pollutants from complete burning.
  • Save on fuel cost by over 15% and extend the range of vehicle.
  • Reduce exhaust temperature and smoke – ideal for military vehicles needing to avoid heat-seeking missiles.

Military vehicle engine upgrades