Lowering Exhaust Emissions From HGVs

When the challenge of lowering exhaust emissions from HGVs arises, it is generally considered that only through increasingly sophisticated after-treatment or from stopping the use of a cylinder when idling can this be tackled. This is not wholly true and improving the combustion problem at source in the cylinder area holds good potential also.

Lowering Exhaust Emissions From HGVs

More and more sophisticated EGR, DOC, SCR, and DPF systems and technologies have been successful. DAF say that a truck from the early 90s would have been over 30 times more polluting than the current model. Still, the cost of precious metal catalysts, theft risk, the dumping of carbon back into the cylinders with EGR and the cost of AdBlue fluid are all also considerations.

None of these things come cheap and there is a great deal more to go wrong than there was on that DAF truck in the 1990s as well, all of which drags down fuel economy and puts up haulage costs affecting all of us via food and clothing costs and inflation.

Lowering Exhaust Emissions From HGVs

How about if emissions could be reduced at source with more efficient combustion to yield:

  • Higher power and torque with turbochargers into action at lower revs?
  • Less unburnt fuel (HC) NOx gases and particulate matter (PM) air pollution?

Both these scenarios can be arrived at without still more after treatment by submitting your diesel engine to the Opti Combustion upgrade where the pistons are modified with racing engine tech to yield leaner burn and lower exhaust temperature.

Diesel Engine Upgrade

The Opti upgrade is especially sustainable when applied to older on-road vehicles giving them a new purpose instead of export or breaking. However, the upgrade is also ideal for military vehicles to increase range and cut exhaust opacity or for trains, excavators, generators, or boat prime movers.

Typically yielding a quieter smooth running with 15% plus fuel economy benefit and much cleaner exhaust plume that has less harmful pollutants, get in touch to discuss how Opti Combustion can alter the whole economics of your fleet costs.

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