Marine Diesel Engine Upgrade For Extra Range

How To Maximize A Diesel Boat’s Fuel Efficiency

With the cost of diesel these days it is important to achieve the best range, power, and low emissions that can be gained from a tankful whether you have a leisure boat, warship, tug, or workboat vessel.

Marine Diesel Engine Improvements

With an Opti Combustion upgrade applied to the pistons of your engine (s) there are the following outcomes from marine engines:

  • Doubling of the life of the lubricating oil which does not discolour from the typical carbon from blowby in the cylinders which is reduced by superior combustion anyway.
  • Engine power and torque are enhanced, and the turbocharging is triggered at lower RPM due to the gapless rings ‘breathing’ better in the cylinders, leads to more responsive and smooth power.
  • The cleaner and more complete combustion leads to around 20% better fuel economy stretching the range considerably and offering a great saving in costs.
  • Across marine, agricultural, and on-road applications emissions and air pollution are a headache and the usual answer is as many as 4 separate catalysts and aftertreatment aspects. With Opti this problem is solved at the source in the combustion which produces dramatically less soot, smoke, NOx and HC or PM emissions without exhaust scrubbers, SCR catalysts and so on.
  • With Opti piston upgrades the exhaust temperature typically drops by 90 degrees centigrade.

Better power and driving, much lower emissions, big fuel economy and range increases? It starts to sound to good to be true, doesn’t it? So just what is this and how does it work? What’s the catch?

How To Maximize A Diesel Boat's Fuel Efficiency

It is all about the pistons. We can take existing units or source new ones and add bespoke gapless piston rings as used in F1 racing cars, we then add a ceramic thermal coating to the piston’s crown area and dry lubricant coating to the skirts before sending them to be reassembled in the engine.

How To Maximize A Diesel Boat’s Fuel Efficiency

This upgrade dramatically improves the performance without any tuning, high lift cams, or sophisticated black boxes. On the subject of emissions, it simply does a much better job of burning diesel fuel and thus many aftertreatment hassles can be reduced or done away with.

As the engine runs cooler, the components, turbo, and exhaust are under less stress, thus boosting reliability, performance, and pollution in one go.

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