Cost Of Diesel Generator Per KWH

Cost Of Diesel Generator Per KWH

The cost of diesel generator per kwh can be sharply reduced if your genset has an Opti Combustion upgrade of the engine’s pistons for around 20% better fuel economy.

Diesel engines from Perkins, Doosan, MTU, Volvo, or Scania on generators are already efficient but utilising F1 racing engine gapless pistons rings and a ceramic thermal coating on the piston crowns improves the combustion quality further and this yields the following effects:

• Engine and exhaust run around 80-90 degrees centigrade cooler with turbo working better. Cuts waste excess heat and overwork of the cooling fan.

• Power and torque are boosted by more complete combustion and fuel use is more efficient leading to substantially better economy and reduced cost.

• Lubricating oil life is doubled due to the reduction in blowby from above the pistons to the crankcase, the oil also does its job better and costs of this and filter changes are halved.

• Because combustion is much better the creation of NOx and PM/HC emissions is much lower giving a greatly reduced air pollution and exhaust opacity (smoke and soot are cut).

• The process allows the generators engine to run more reliably for longer with lower servicing costs, perfect for rental fleets or off grid power solutions.

Reduce Generator Fuel Cost

The Opti combustion process of upgrading pistons is also ideal for spark ignited natural gas engines, combined heat and power (CHP) plants or indeed for petrol engine applications, please ask.

While this is an invasive and therefore costly process to strip down and rebuild an engine, it very quickly pays for itself in reduced diesel or HVO fuel bills, especially in constant running prime sets or CHP plants.

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