Improving The Range Of Military Vehicles And Patrol Boats

APCs, tanks, and other military vehicles use diesel engines from a range of manufacturers like MTU, Caterpillar, or Cummins, using our Opti Combustion above all improves the range of military vehicles.

Improving The Range Of Military Vehicles

Adding a ceramic coating on the piston crown and gapless piston rings leads to improving the combustion process of the prime mover. This is a key part of the following critical improvements that can be used on patrol boats, fighting vehicles, or logistics vehicles.

Upping fuel economy by around 20% means APCs, tanks or trucks have up to 20% more range at a stroke along with a cooler, smoother and quieter engine.

Improving The Range Of Military Vehicles And Patrol Boats

Opti Combustion lowers the exhaust temperature by around 90 degrees centigrade meaning that the thermal signature is reduced and thus less of a target for heat seeking missiles.

Due to better combustion in the engine the exhaust opacity and smoke is greatly cut meaning they the visual signature of soot and smoke is far less.

Because of cutting the blowby into the crankcase, the same engine delivers substantially more power and torque from the same engine and fuel. The ‘tipping on’ point of the turbocharger comes lower down as the breathing of the engine pulls in more intercooled air into the engine.

Upgrading Fuel Economy For Marine Diesel Engines

Are there any drawbacks?

There is the side that taking the pistons out of a diesel engine means it is not available perhaps for weeks and clearly there is a considerable cost to doing the rebuild.

However, the conversion pays for itself very quickly in fuel savings – also, in the case of most MBT tanks, the power pack is entirely modular, meaning the work can be done on a spare engine with ease.

Another key advantage is that Opti Combustion is not a sophisticated electronic or software idea, it is a reliable mechanical technology at the heart of the engine that works day in and day out without yet more to go wrong.

Do the diesel smoke and emissions from military vehicles matter from an environmental perspective? Well, they do and with Opti, you have both greatly boosted range and vastly less NOx and HC emissions without problematic and fault-prone aftertreatment and lower detectability.

Military vehicle engine upgrades

It has the potential to be a battle, operational, and eco-friendly winner, talk to us today to find out more. Who wouldn’t want a warship, tactical bridging vehicle, or generator that emits less and squeezes more out of the same fuel?

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