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  • What Is The Opti Combustion Process?

    What Is The Opti Combustion Process?

    Opti is the name given to a dramatic upgrade and rebuild of diesel-powered trucks, generators, boats, or locomotive diesel engines that utilise racing engine gapless ring technology for cleaner and more efficient combustion. Using ceramic coating applied to piston crowns, gapless piston rings with lower friction, creates less blowby and better burning to extract more…

  • Reducing NOx

    Reducing NOx

    Instead of relying on more and more involved exhaust treatment, you can use our racing technology pistons to ensure that combustion is vastly more efficient with typical reductions of NOx gases down by 20% or more.

  • Improving Burn

    Improving Burn

    It doesn’t involve sophisticated tuning or electronics, it is just a vastly superior piston crown technology that alters and improves the air – fuel mixture for much improved combustion in diesel, natural gas, or petrol internal combustion engines.