How To Reduce Your Farm’s Fuel Bill

Use of lower cost red diesel is permitted in farming, but fuel is still a considerable cost when looking at drilling, cultivating, or harvesting with tractors or combine harvesters.

How To Reduce Your Farm’s Fuel Bill

Among several ideas to consider for how to reduce your farms fuel bill is to upgrade diesel engines in your fleet with the Opti piston enhancements to increase power and torque while notably decreasing fuel consumption and emissions. As the upgrade is at the core of the engine, this greatly enhances fuel economy and reduces AdBlue usage and both NOx and PM emissions.

While it is easy and understandable to focus on the cost of diesel fuel and AdBlue primarily, there is another costly fluid in the equation also – lubricating oil. How many times have you known breakdowns when they are least convenient like during harvesting?

With an Opti upgrade the engine’s lubricating oil does not suffer from black carbon build up from blowby in the cylinders and lasts twice as many working hours as would typically be recommended, thus halving this cost over the life of the tractor.

Cleaner Opti Combustion benefits everything with:

• Fuel combustion efficiency meaning around 20% greater fuel economy for better range from the same tankful and considerable cost savings.

• Around 80 degrees centigrade cooler exhaust temperature along with smoother quieter running.

• Substantially lower NOx and unburnt fuel emissions from the heart of the engine rather than via sophisticated and expensive after treatment which is prone to developing faults.

• Develops more power and torque at lower revs by drawing in more air quicker and triggering the turbo lower down for better driving and ploughing or PTO use.

So, what is the Opti Combustion process then? At heart it is enhancing the pistons by adding a thermal ceramic coating to the crown area, dry lubricant to the skirts, and gapless high-quality rings as are used in racing car engines.

Modifications To Increase MPG

Blowby is the enemy of all engines including petrol, car, boat, you name it; it involves unburnt, or part burnt carbon making its way down into the crank case through the ring gap around normal pistons. This is why when you change a diesel engine’s lube oil it is black but there can also be problems the other way with lube oil making it into the combustion area.

Fitting gapless rings revolutionises the engine’s performance leading to less stressed operation, longer service life at lower costs and as a bonus emits less air pollution or damaging hydrocarbons!

Imagine doing an entire harvest or ploughing with 20% less fuel cost – it is transformational and perhaps best of all it is a mechanical technology.

What do we mean by this? Well, more sophistication in GPS, cloud, or engine management is all very well and useful in modern farming but guess what? It is also a) more to go wrong and b) very costly when it goes wrong and c) often not something you can tweak in the field to get you rolling again.

Tractor Fuel Use Per Hectare

With Opti Combustion upgrades you are looking at an invasive engine rebuild which is not cheap, but it fundamentally alters and upgrades the prime mover’s central process in what happens in burning diesel fuel and making power for your needs. It also boosts reliability from reducing operating temperature, doubling the oil’s life, and reducing stress on the engine.

If it works for you to remove the pistons yourself and then send them over for upgrading that is fine, we can do this with no problem for you to rebuild the engine yourself.

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